Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rewarding leadership behaviours

What are the behaviours that leaders should be rewarded for? I put this very question to renowned American strategy and culture development expert, Douglas A. Wilson. 

"Leadership is determined by context so to answer this question, you first need to ask what is the purpose of the organisation, what is the narrative about the organisation you want to create, and what is the vision for how you will carry out a systems approach to change," says Wilson.

'Motivate exceptional performance'

According to Wilson, the modern leader needs to demonstrate the following four abilities:

1) To collaborate across teams and organisations to build synergy towards a common objective

2) To think about the organisation as a total system and how the system serves the larger purpose

3) To partner with outside players, including shareholders, customers, suppliers and potential joint venture partners

4) The ability to motivate exceptional performance   

Douglas A. Wilson is the CEO of Next Solutions Inc. an advisory and consulting firm. He is a leader in innovation and strategy as well as prominent speaker, writer and New York Times best-selling author. You can find out more at

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